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Sharing data with Excel for the Macintosh
Sharing data with Excel for the Macintosh
Excel for the Macintosh since 1998 has been using the same file format as Windows
versions of Excel from Excel 97 through Excel 2003. You can share these files with Macintosh
users by simply transferring files from one computer to the other. (Note that you cannot
share Excel files containing macros—.xlsm files—with Macintosh Excel versions through
To save an Excel 2013, 2010, or 2007 file to share with someone using the Macintosh
version of Excel, click the File tab, click Save As, select a location, and click the Browse button.
You can save it as a regular Excel Workbook (*.xlsx) file when sharing with users of
Macintosh Excel 2011, or for greater compatibility, select the Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Workbook
(*.xls) option in the Save As Type drop-down list.
To import Macintosh files to your PC, you first need to transfer the file to your PC via a
cable, a disk, a thumb drive, a network, an email attachment, a website, or a software tool
such as MacOpener. Exporting files from a Windows version of Excel to the Macintosh
version is just as easy as importing Macintosh files. Simply transfer the file from the Windows
computer to the Macintosh using your method of choice, and then use the Open command
to load it into Excel.
Adjusting date values
Although the Windows and Macintosh versions of Excel share many characteristics and
capabilities, they might not use the same date system. In the Windows version of Excel,
the base date is January 1, 1900. Macintosh Excel 2011 uses the same date system as
all Windows versions, so you can share these files as you will. In Macintosh Excel
version 2008 and earlier, the base date is January 2, 1904. When you transfer files either
to or from the Macintosh, Excel maintains the date type by selecting or clearing the
Use 1904 Date System check box in the When Calculating This Workbook area in the
Advanced category in the Excel Options dialog box. This technique is usually
acceptable, but it can cause problems when a date from a Macintosh file is compared with a
date from a Windows file. For this reason, we suggest you use the same date setting on
all your machines.
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