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Sharing data beyond Excel
Figure 2-37 The Web Page file format creates a folder full of supporting files to go with the
main webpage.
Importing and exporting text files
To export an Excel file as a text file, select one of the following eight text formats from the
Save As Type drop-down list in the Save As dialog box. In all of these formats, Excel saves
only the current worksheet. Number formatting is preserved, but all other formatting is
Formatted Text (Space Delimited) (*.PRN) This creates a file in which column
alignment is preserved by adding space characters to the data in each column so that
each column is always filled to its maximum width.
Text (Tab Delimited) (*.TXT)
This separates the cells of each row with tab
Unicode Text (*.TXT) This is a worldwide standard text format that stores each
character as a unique number; Unicode defines a number for every character in every
language and on any computer platform.
CSV (Comma Delimited) (*.CSV) This separates the cells of each row with
commas. Comma-delimited text files are preferable to tab-delimited files for importing
into database management programs. (Many database management programs
can accept either form of text file, but some accept only .csv files.) Also, many
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