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Help in depth
Figure 2-39 A little circle icon containing an i means you can see more information by simply
resting the pointer on the icon.
Help in depth
When you need more information than a ScreenTip can provide, it’s time to invoke the
Help dialog box. Simply click the Help button (the question mark icon) that is always
available in the upper-right corner of the screen (or any dialog box) to display the Help dialog
box. When you first open the dialog box, it attempts to connect to the Microsoft Office
Online website, as shown on the left in Figure 2-40. If you are connected to the Internet,
the dialog box should quickly display an opening menu of topics, similar to the one shown
on the right in Figure 2-40. As mentioned previously, one of the beauties of web-based
Help is that it can be continually updated, so it is quite possible this opening screen will
change in content and appearance over time; more and more Help topics should be added
as well.
As long as you have the Help dialog box open and your Internet connection remains active,
web-based Help continues to be available. If you lose your Internet connection, Excel stops
trying to connect to the web and displays the “ofline” Help system—that is, only those
Help topics installed on your computer. You can also do this manually by clicking
Connected To at the bottom of the Help dialog box and clicking Show Content Only
From This Computer.
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