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Cc Use for “courtesy copy” recipients. These are usually people you want to keep
informed about the subject of the email message but from whom you don’t require
a response.
Bcc Use for “blind courtesy copy” recipients. These are people you want to keep
informed, but whom you want to keep hidden from other message recipients. Bcc
recipients are not visible to any other message recipients and therefore aren’t included
in message responses unless specifically added to one of the address boxes in the
response message.
TIP The To and Cc address boxes are always displayed in the message header. The
Bcc address box is not displayed by default. You can display it in the message header
by clicking the Bcc button, located in the Show Fields group on the Options tab of
the message composition window.
You can insert an email address into an address box in the following ways:
Enter the entire address.
Enter part of a previously used address and then select the address from the
AutoComplete List that appears.
SEE ALSO For information about the Auto-Complete List, see “Troubleshooting
message addressing” later in this section.
Click the address box label to display the Select Names dialog box, in which you can
select one or more addresses from your address book(s).
SEE ALSO For information about address books, see “Saving and updating contact
information” in Chapter 4, “Store and access contact information.”
TIP Responding to a received message automatically ills in one or more of the address
boxes in the new message window. For information, see “Responding to messages” later
in this chapter.
If your email account is part of an Exchange network, you can send messages to another
person on the same network by typing only his or her email alias—for example, joan ; the
at symbol (@) and domain name aren’t required. If you enter only the name of a person
whose email address is in your address book, Outlook associates the name with the
corresponding email address, a process called resolving the address , before sending the message.
KEYBOARD SHORTCUT Press Ctrl+K to initiate address resolution. For more information
about keyboard shortcuts, see “Keyboard shortcuts” at the end of this topic.
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