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You can instruct Outlook to accept commas as address separators by selecting the Commas
Can Be Used To Separate Multiple Message Recipients check box in the Send Messages
section of the Mail page of the Outlook Options window.
Troubleshooting address books
By default, Outlook first searches your Global Address List (the corporate directory provided
with an Exchange account, if you’re working with one), and then searches the contact records
stored in the People module of your default account. If an email address isn’t located in one
of those locations, Outlook may search other address books such as those containing
contact records stored with secondary email accounts or custom address books that you create.
If you have multiple address books, particularly multiple address books associated with
multiple accounts, Outlook does not, by default, search all of the address books and
therefore might not locate an email address you have saved.
To change the order in which Outlook searches the address books, or to add address books
to the search list, follow these steps:
On the Home tab of the program window, in the Find group, click Address Book .
In the Address Book window, on the Tools menu, click Options .
You can designate the order in which Outlook searches for contacts in existing address books.
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