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Press Esc three times, or click in a blank area of the message composition window, to
hide the Mini Toolbar and its menus without making changes.
Press Ctrl+End to move the cursor to the end of the message. Enter Promotional
giveaways will be as follows: and then press Enter twice.
Now let’s insert a table. Notice that the Insert Table command does not appear on
the Message tool tab when you’re working in the embedded message draft.
In the upper-left corner of the embedded message composition window, click the
Pop Out button to display the message in an individual window with the full ribbon.
On the Insert tab, in the Tables group, click the Table button.
In the Table gallery, point to the third cell in the second row to display a live preview
of a three-column by two-row table at the cursor location in the message window.
With the Live Preview feature, you can preview the effect of inserting or formatting graphic
elements before you commit to the change.
Click the selected cell to insert the table in the message content area. The cursor is
active in the first table cell.
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