Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
The formatted message content is shown in the Reading Pane.
In the Folder Pane , click the Sent Items folder to verify that the sent message is in
this folder.
CLEAN UP Display your Inbox. Retain the SBS Tradeshow Schedule message in your
Inbox and Sent Items folders for use in later exercises.
Attaching external content to messages
A convenient way to distribute a file (such as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, Excel
workbook, Word document, or picture) is by attaching the file to an email message.
Message recipients can preview or open the file from the Reading Pane, open it from the
message window, forward it to other people, or save it to their computers.
TIP You can also email Microsoft Office files directly from the Office program you create
them in, by using commands in the Backstage view. For example, to send a Word
document, open the document, display the Share page of the Backstage view, and then click
the Email button. Word offers the options of sending the document as an attached Word
document, PDF file, or XPS file (Word converts the file for you before sending it), sending
a link to the document (if it’s saved in a shared location), or sending the document to a fax
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