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Managing multiple accounts
If you have configured Outlook to connect to multiple email accounts, you need to
ensure that the message is being sent from the correct account.
By default, Outlook assumes that you intend to send a message from the account
you’re currently working in. If you begin composing a message while viewing the
Inbox of your work account, for example, Outlook selects the work account as the
message-sending account. If you reply to a message received by your personal
account, Outlook selects the personal account as the message-sending account.
You can easily change the message-sending account. When Outlook is configured to
use multiple accounts, a From button appears in the message header.
TIP If Outlook is configured to connect to only one account, you can display the From
button by clicking From in the Show Fields group on the Options tab of a message
composition window.
Clicking the From button displays a list of active accounts from which you can choose.
If the account from which you want to send the message doesn’t appear in the list,
you can specify another account; however, you must have permission to send
messages from that account.
In this exercise, you’ll send two files as attachments to an email message.
SET UP You need the Procedures document and the NaturalGardening
presentation located in the Chapter03 practice file folder to complete this exercise. Display
your Inbox, and then follow the steps.
On the Home tab, in the New group, click the New Email button.
In the To box of the new message window, enter your own email address.
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