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TIP If you completed the previous exercise, Outlook displays your email address in
the Auto-Complete List as you begin typing. You can insert the address by clicking it
or by pressing the Down Arrow key to select it (if necessary) and then pressing Enter.
In the Subject box, enter SBS First Draft .
In the content pane, enter Here is some information for your review. Then press
Enter to move to the next line.
On the Message tab, in the Include group, click the Attach File button to open the
Insert File dialog box and display the contents of your Documents library.
TIP The Attach File button is also available in the Include group on the Insert tab.
Navigate to the Chapter03 practice file folder. In the Chapter03 folder, click the
NaturalGardening presentation, hold down the Ctrl key, click the Procedures
document, and then click Insert . Notice that the Attached box containing the files
appears in the message header.
Information about file attachments is visible to the sender and to the recipient.
Send the message.
CLEAN UP When you receive the SBS First Draft message in your Inbox, retain it for
use in later exercises.
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