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Working with new mail notifications
When new messages, meeting requests, or task assignments arrive in your Inbox,
Outlook alerts you in several ways so that you can be aware of email activity if you
are using another application or if you’ve been away from your computer.
A desktop alert appears on your screen for a few seconds, displaying the sender’s
information, the message subject, and the first few words of the message.
You can open the message from the desktop alert.
A chime sounds.
A New Mail Message icon appears on the Outlook taskbar button.
You can configure Outlook to briefly change the shape of the mouse pointer to an
You can configure the individual notification options from the Mail page of the
Outlook Options dialog box.
TIP In previous versions of Outlook, you could respond to or delete a message by
clicking buttons in the desktop alert. You could also change the location, transparency,
and length of time desktop alerts appear. In Outlook 2013, you have none of these
options; the only configuration available for desktop alerts is whether to display them.
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