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Viewing messages and message attachments
Each time you start Outlook and connect to your email server, any new messages received
since the last time you connected appear in your Inbox. Depending on your settings,
Outlook downloads either the entire message to your computer or only the message
header, which provides basic information about the message, such as:
The item type (message, meeting request, task assignment, and so on).
Who sent it.
When you received it.
The subject.
Icons displayed in the message header indicate optional information such as:
The most recent response action taken.
Whether files are attached.
If it has been digitally signed or encrypted.
If the sender marked it as being of high or low importance.
TIP If a message contains external content, which many marketing email messages do, the
external content will be automatically downloaded only if your security settings are
configured to permit this. Otherwise, you can click the InfoBar to download the external content.
There are three standard views of the message list:
Compact This view displays two lines of message properties, including the read
status, subject, sender, time received, whether files are attached to the message, and any
color categories or follow-up lags associated with the message. This is the default view.
Single This one-line view displays the importance, reminder, item type or read status,
whether files are attached to the message, sender, subject, received, size, category,
and follow-up lags. The Reading Pane is open by default in this view.
Preview This view displays from one to four lines of information about each
message. For every message, Preview view displays the same information as Single view.
For each unread message, Preview view also displays a part of the message content—
specifically, the first 255 characters (including spaces). If a message contains fewer
than 255 characters, <end> appears in the preview text. The Reading Pane is closed
by default in this view.
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