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You can change the magnification of a message in the Reading Pane in the following ways:
To set a specific magnification level, click the Zoom level button to open the Zoom
dialog box.
Select one of the three predeined magnification levels, or
enter a specific magnification level in the Percent box.
To change the zoom level in 10-percent increments, click the Zoom Out and Zoom In
To quickly change the zoom level to any setting between 10 percent and 500 percent,
move the Zoom slider to the left or right.
You can scroll through a long message in the Reading Pane in the following ways:
Scroll at your own pace by dragging the vertical scroll bar that appears at the right
side of the Reading Pane.
Move up or down one line at a time by clicking the scroll arrows.
Move up or down one page at time by clicking above or below the scroll box.
Move up or down one page at a time by pressing the Spacebar. When you reach the
end of a message by using this feature, called Single Key Reading, pressing the
Spacebar again displays the first page of the next message. This option is very convenient if
you want to read through several consecutive messages in the Reading Pane, or if you
find it easier to press the Spacebar than to use the mouse.
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