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In this exercise, you’ll preview and open a message and two types of attachments.
SET UP You need the SBS First Draft message you created earlier in this chapter to
complete this exercise. If you did not create that message, you can do so now, or you can
substitute any received message with an attachment in your Inbox. Display your Inbox in
Normal view, and then follow the steps.
On the View tab, in the Current View group, click the Change View button, and then
click Preview to close the Reading Pane , and display the first 255 characters of each
message in the Inbox below the message header.
Preview view displays the first 255 characters of each unread message.
Locate the SBS First Draft message in your Inbox , and then click the message to
display the message content in the Reading Pane .
Note the following below the message header: a Message button (which looks more
like just the word Message than it does like a button), and, depending on the width of
your Reading Pane , either the names of both attachments or the name of one of the
attached files, and an Attachment icon (a paper clip) followed by the number 2 .
TROUBLESHOOTING If you are working through this exercise with a message that
does not have an attachment, the header does not include the elements described
in step 3.
On the View tab, in the Change View list, click Single .
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