Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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In the Reading Pane , double-click the NaturalGardening.pptx attachment (or, in the
Actions group on the Attachments tab, click Open ) to start PowerPoint and open the
SEE ALSO For information about and tutorials for using PowerPoint 2013, refer to
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Step by Step by Joyce Cox and Joan Lambert (Microsoft
Press, 2013).
Close the presentation to return to your Inbox .
In the message list, double-click the SBS First Draft message to open the message in
its own window. The Message button and attachments are shown below the message
header in the message window, as they are in the Reading Pane .
In the message window, click the Procedures.docx attachment once. The Attachments
tool tab appears on the ribbon, and a preview of the document appears in the message
content pane exactly as it did in the Reading Pane.
You use the same techniques to preview and open attachments from the message window
that you do from the Reading Pane.
CLEAN UP Close the SBS First Draft message window, and retain it in your Inbox
for use in later exercises. On the View tab of the program window, in the Current View
group, click Compact in the Change View gallery, and then click Reset View.
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