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You can expand the People Pane by clicking the Expand button at the right end of the
pane, by dragging the horizontal bar at the top of the pane, or by clicking Normal in the
People Pane list on the View tab. The People Pane can occupy only a certain percentage of
the message window, so the amount you can manually adjust the height of the People Pane
to is dependent on the height of the message window.
In its expanded state, the People Pane displays either large thumbnails or a tabbed
breakdown of communications for each message participant.
The expanded People Pane displays either participant images or a history of interactions with the
selected participant.
You can switch between the simple view and the detailed view by clicking the Toggle
button located near the right end of the expanded People Pane header.
The All Items tab of the detailed view displays all your recent Outlook interactions with the
selected person. If you’re looking for a specific item, such as a meeting request or a
document attached to a message, you can filter the item list by clicking any of the tabs to the
left of the list.
TIP The detailed People Pane is available for all types of email accounts. The images in this
book depict the People Pane for an Exchange account. The People Pane for a POP3 account
is identical except that the tabs are labeled with words only, rather than icons and words.
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