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Troubleshooting the People Pane
When working with an Exchange account, you can display the People Pane in detailed
view only if the Cached Exchange Mode feature is enabled. If the Toggle button isn’t
visible in the expanded People Pane when you’re viewing an Exchange account
message, the likely problem is that Cached Exchange Mode is not enabled.
To enable Cached Exchange Mode, follow these steps:
On the Info page of the Backstage view of the Outlook program window, click
Account Settings , and then in the list that appears, click Account Settings .
On the E-mail page of the Account Settings dialog box, click your Exchange
account, and then click Change .
On the Server Settings page of the Change Account wizard, select the Use Cached
Exchange Mode check box, click Next , and then on the wizard’s final page, click
Finish .
The Toggle button should now be visible in the header of the expanded People Pane.
Responding to messages
You can respond to most email messages that you receive by clicking a response button
either in the Reading Pane, in the message window, or in the Respond group on the
Message tab.
The most standard response to a message is a reply. When you reply to a message, Outlook
ills in one or more of the address boxes for you, as follows:
Reply Creates an email message, addressed to only the original message sender, that
contains the original message text.
Reply All Creates an email message, addressed to the message sender and all
recipients listed in the To and Cc boxes, that contains the original message text. The
message is not addressed to recipients of blind courtesy copies (Bcc recipients).
Reply with Meeting Creates a meeting invitation addressed to all message
recipients. The message text is included in the meeting window content pane. Outlook
suggests the current date and an upcoming half-hour time slot for the meeting.
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