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When you forward a message, Outlook does not ill in the recipient boxes for you.
If you reply to or forward a received message from within the message window, the
original message remains open after you send your response. You can instruct Outlook to close
original messages after you respond to them—you’ll probably be finished working with the
message at that point. To do so, display the Mail page of the Outlook Options dialog box,
select the Close Original Message Window When Replying Or Forwarding check box in the
Replies And Forwards area, and then click OK.
TIP When responding to an email message, take care to use good email etiquette. For
example, if your response is not pertinent to all the original recipients of a message, don’t
reply to the entire recipient list, especially if the message was addressed to a distribution list
that might include hundreds of members.
You can prevent other people from replying to all recipients of a message you send by
addressing the message to yourself and entering other recipients in the Bcc box. Then the
recipient list will not be visible to anyone.
SEE ALSO For information about restricting recipients from copying, printing, or forwarding
messages, see “Increasing email security” in Chapter 12, “Manage email settings.”
If your organization has the necessary unified communications infrastructure, you may also
have these additional response options:
Call or Call All Initiates a Voice over IP (VoIP) call from your computer to the phone
number of the original message sender or sender and other message recipients.
Reply with IM or Reply All with IM Opens an instant messaging window with the
message sender or sender and other recipients as the chat participants.
TROUBLESHOOTING The response options available in your Outlook installation might vary
from those described here. The available response options for your installation will appear
in the Respond group on the Message tab of the message window or the Home tab of the
program window.
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