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SEE ALSO For information about task assignments, see “Managing task assignments”
in Chapter 6, “Track tasks.”
If a message contains voting buttons, you can respond by opening the message,
clicking the Vote button in the Respond group on the Message tab, and then
clicking the response you want to send. Or you can click the InfoBar (labeled Click here
to vote ) in the Reading Pane and then click the response you want.
Voting from the Reading Pane.
SEE ALSO For information about polling other Outlook users in your organization,
see “Changing message settings and delivery options” in Chapter 10, “Enhance
message content.”
In this exercise, you’ll reply to and forward a message that has an attachment.
SET UP You need the SBS First Draft message you created earlier in this chapter to
complete this exercise. If you did not create that message, you can do so now, or you can
substitute any received message with an attachment in your Inbox. Display your Inbox,
and then follow the steps.
Open the SBS First Draft message in a message window. Notice that the message
includes two attachments, and the message window ribbon displays only the
Message tab containing all the commands you use with a received message.
On the Message tab, in the Respond group, click the Reply button to create a
response already addressed to you (the original sender). If the message had been
sent to any other people, the reply would not include them. The RE: prefix appears at
the beginning of the message subject to indicate that this is a response to an earlier
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