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message. Note that the response does not include the original attachments (and in
fact there is no indication that the original message had any). The original message,
including its header information, appears in the content pane, separated from the
new content by a horizontal line.
Replying to a message generates a new message addressed to the original sender.
With the cursor at the top of the content pane, enter the following sentence:
We’ll need to get approval from the Marketing team before proceeding.
In the response header, click the Send button to send the reply, which appears in
your Inbox as the active message in the SBS First Draft conversation. The original
message remains open on your screen.
In the original message, in the Respond group, click the Forward button to create
a new version of the message that is not addressed to any recipient. The FW: prefix
at the beginning of the message subject indicates that this is a forwarded message.
The files that were attached to the original message appear in the Attached box.
The message is otherwise identical to the earlier response. You address and send a
forwarded message as you would any other.
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