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In Depth Information
Store and access
contact information
Save and update contact information.
Communicate with contacts.
Display different views of contact records.
Print contact records.
Having immediate access to current, accurate contact information for the people you need
to interact with—by email, phone, mail, or otherwise—is important for timely and effective
communication. You can easily build and maintain a detailed contact list, or address book,
in the Microsoft Outlook 2013 People module. From your address book, you can look up
information, create messages, and share contact information with other people. You can
also keep track of your interactions with a person whose contact information is stored in
If you need to take contact information with you in a non-electronic format, you can print
an address book or selected contact records, in many different formats.
In this chapter, you’ll create and edit contact records and view them in different ways. Then
you’ll discover how to initiate communications with people from contact records or from an
address book. Finally, you’ll print a contact record and a list of contact information.
PRACTICE FILES You don’t need any practice files to complete the exercises in this chapter.
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