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Custom address books
You can create address books in addition to those associated with email accounts; for
example, you might want to keep contact information for family and friends in an address
book separate from client contact information, or you might maintain an address book for
clients that meet specific criteria.
You create an address book by creating a folder and specifying that the folder will contain
contact items.
An address book is a folder designed specifically
to contain contact records and contact groups.
When you display the Folder List in the Folder Pane, your custom address books appear
along with other folders you create, and you can organize them in the same manner—
for example, at the same level as your Inbox, as a subfolder of the Contacts address
book, or inside a project folder. All address books are available from the My Contacts list
in the Folder Pane of the People module.
SEE ALSO For information about creating address books, see “Organizing messages in
folders” in Chapter 7, “Organize your Inbox.”
TIP If your organization stores contact information in a SharePoint contact list, you can
import the list contents from SharePoint into Outlook as an address book. For more
information, see “Working with SharePoint site content” in Chapter 13, “Work remotely.”
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