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Global Address Lists
If you have a Microsoft Exchange Server account, you also have access to an official address
book called the Global Address List (or GAL ). The GAL is maintained by your organization’s
Exchange administrator and includes information about individuals within your
organization, distribution lists, and resources (such as conference rooms and media equipment) that
you can reserve when you schedule meetings. It can also include organizational information
(each person’s manager and direct subordinates) and group membership information (the
distribution lists each person belongs to).
The GAL doesn’t appear in the My Contacts list shown in the Folder Pane of the People
module. To display the GAL, click the Address Book button in the Find group on the Home
tab of the People module or the Address Book button in the Names group on the Message
tab of a message composition window. Outlook users can view the GAL but not change its
contents. Only an Exchange administrator can modify the GAL.
In this exercise, you’ll create and edit a contact record in your main address book.
SET UP You don’t need any practice files to complete this exercise. Display the People
module, and then follow the steps.
On the Home tab, in the New group, click the New Contact button to open a new
contact record window.
In the Full Name box, enter Sarah Jones , and then press the Tab key to move the
cursor to the Company box. Notice that Outlook transfers the name to the File as
box, and displays it in the default order ( Last, First ). The name also appears on the
contact record window title bar and in the business card representation.
SEE ALSO For information about changing the default order, see “Configuring Office
and Outlook options” in Chapter 11, “Customize Outlook.”
In the Company box, enter Wingtip Toys .
In the Job title box, enter Creative Design Manager .
In the Internet area of the form, enter in the E-mail box,
and press Tab . Notice that Outlook formats the email address as a hyperlink and
enters the name and email address in the Display as box. This box indicates the way
the contact will appear in the headers of email messages you exchange with this
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