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Communicating with contacts
Saving contact information for people in a physical or an electronic address book is useful
because it centralizes the information in one place so that you no longer have to remember
the information or where to find it. The added benefit of saving contact information in an
Outlook address book is that it makes the process of initiating communication with a
contact much more efficient.
Initiating communication from contact records
Contact records are useful not only for storing information; you can also initiate a number
of actions that are specific to a selected contact. Commands for initiating communication
are available in the Communicate group on the Contact tab of an open contact record or in
the header of a People card.
The commands available in the Communicate group may
vary based on your specific Outlook configuration.
You can perform many actions from within a contact record window (but not in a People
card) by using the commands in the Communicate group on the Contact tab, including the
Create an email message addressed to the contact by clicking the Email button.
Create a meeting request that includes the contact by clicking the Meeting button.
Initiate a chat session with the contact by clicking the Reply With IM button (if it is
available in your organization’s environment).
Place a call to the contact by clicking the Call arrow and then, in the list, clicking the
phone number you would like Outlook to dial (requires unified communications).
Display the contact’s website by clicking the Web Page button.
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