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Create a task assigned to the contact by clicking the Assign Task button.
Display a map of the contact’s address by clicking the Map It button.
If Microsoft OneNote 2013 is installed on your computer, you can create a OneNote
notebook entry that is linked to the contact record by clicking the OneNote button in
the Actions group on the Contact tab.
Conforming to address standards
When you enter information in a contact record, Outlook verifies that the information
conforms to expected patterns. If Outlook detects possible irregularities, a related
dialog box opens, prompting you to enter information into a standard template.
The Check Full Name and Check Address dialog boxes it contact information into standard patterns.
The intention of these dialog boxes is to verify that you have usable contact
information available. If you determine that the information in the dialog box is correct as-is,
you can click Cancel to close the dialog box without making changes.
TIP You can create a contact record for the sender of a message you have received by
right-clicking the sender’s name in the message header—either in the Reading Pane or the
open message item—and then clicking Add To Outlook Contacts. Outlook creates a contact
record with the name and email address already filled in. Add any other information you
want to record, and then save the contact record.
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