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Scroll through the Name list, and locate the person’s name. If you have multiple email
addresses saved for that person, the name will appear once for each email address.
TIP You can enter the first few letters of the person’s name to scroll to entries
beginning with those letters.
To add the person in the To box as a primary message recipient, double-click the
name, or click it and then press Enter . To add the person as a secondary or private
recipient, click in the Cc or Bcc box at the bottom of the dialog box and then
doubleclick the name, or click it and press Enter .
TIP If you click the To, Cc, or Bcc box in the message header before clicking the
Address Book button, double-clicking the name adds the person to that box. You
can also click the Cc or Bcc box and then click the adjacent button to open the
Select Names dialog box with that box active.
5 After selecting all message recipients from the address book, click OK to close the
Select Names dialog box and return to the message composition window.
SEE ALSO For information about creating email messages, see “Creating and sending
messages” in Chapter 3, “Send and receive email messages.”
Displaying different views of contact records
You can view all your address books in the People module. You can also display a list of the
contacts in an address book, including those in your organization’s Global Address List, in
one of these ways:
Click the Address Book button in the Find group on the Home tab of the program
window in any module to open the Address Book window.
Click the Address Book button in the Names group on the Contact tab of a contact
record window to open the Select Name dialog box.
Expand the Address Book list, and then click the name of the address book whose contents
you want to display.
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