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List Displays a columnar list with contact records arranged in groups. You can choose
the grouping you want from the Arrangements gallery on the View tab.
In any list view, you can expand and collapse the groups or select and take action on
an entire group of contacts. You can also enter information directly into any contact
record field displayed in the list.
You can search and filter your contact records in any view by using the Instant Search
feature from the search box at the top of the content area. You can sort contact records by any
displayed column in a list view by clicking the column header.
KEYBOARD SHORTCUT Press Ctrl+E to move to the search box in the active module.
For more information about keyboard shortcuts, see “Keyboard shortcuts” at the end
of this topic.
You can change the fields displayed in each view; the way records are grouped, sorted, and
filtered; the display font; the size of business cards; and other settings to suit your
preferences. You can personalize a view from the Advanced View Settings dialog box, which you
open by clicking View Settings in the Current View group on the View tab.
The options available in the Advanced View Settings dialog box vary
depending on the currently displayed view.
TIP From the Advanced View Settings dialog box, you can undo your changes to the
currently displayed view by clicking the Reset Current View button, which is available only
when the default settings for the view have been changed.
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