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In this exercise, you’ll look at different views of contact records within the contact list, add
and remove columns in a list view, and reset a customized view.
SET UP This exercise uses the contact records you created in the exercise “Saving and
updating contact information,” earlier in this chapter. If you didn’t complete that
exercise, you can do so at this time or use contact records of your own. Display the People
module, and then follow the steps.
On the Home tab, in the Current View gallery, click the Business Card button to
display standard business cards for each contact (in addition to any personalized
business cards you may have created). The cards are organized by File as name.
On the contact index located to the right of the contact list, click the letter m to scroll
the contact list to the business card for Ben Miller (or the first contact record in your
People module that is filed under m ).
When you have many contact records, you can scroll them by using the contact index.
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