Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Point to the column separator between Job Title and File as . When the cursor
changes to a double-headed arrow, double-click to change the column width to
accommodate its contents.
Drag the Country/Region column header down from the column heading row until
a black X appears. Then release the mouse button to remove the Country/Region
column from the list view.
You can remove a column from a list view by dragging its column header away from the
column header row.
On the View tab, in the Current View group, click the Reset View button. Then in
the Microsoft Outlook dialog box that asks whether you want to reset the view to
its original settings, click Yes to return the Phone view to its original settings.
Close the Field Chooser window. Then in the Current View gallery, click the List
button to display the final standard view of your contact records. Notice that the
contact records are currently grouped by company.
List view displays contact records grouped by whatever field you choose.
CLEAN UP Return the People module to the default People view. Retain the Jill Frank,
Dean Halstead, Lola Jacobsen, Sarah Jones, and Ben Miller contact records for use in later
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