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User-defined fields
If you’d like to save information that doesn’t it into the default contact record fields,
you can create a custom field. A custom field can contain information such as text,
numbers, percentages, currency, Yes/No answers, dates, times, durations, keywords,
and formulas.
You can create a custom information field from any view of the All Fields page of the
contact record window by clicking the New button in the lower-left corner of the
page and then specifying the name, type, and format of the field in the New Column
dialog box that opens.
Custom fields can be formatted to contain
many specific types of information.
Custom fields appear when you filter the All Fields page on User-Defined Fields In
Folder. When you enter information in the custom field for a specific contact, it also
appears in the User-Defined Fields In This Item list within that contact record.
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