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Outlook assigns a color category named Holiday to all the local holidays it adds to your
calendar. To view all the holidays on your calendar, enter category:holiday in the Search
box. Note that Outlook adds each holiday for the next 20 years to the calendar, so the
entire list of results might not be displayed immediately (only the first 200 results). If
the search returns more than 200 results, add search criteria to narrow down the field
or click the More link at the end of the search results list to display the entire list.
You can narrow your search by using the Search tool tab or entering criteria in the search box.
SEE ALSO For information about categories, see “Organizing items by using color
categories” in Chapter 7, “Organize your Inbox.” For information about Outlook search
functionality, see “Quickly locating messages” in the same chapter.
To remove national holidays from your calendar, follow these steps:
Use the Search function to locate the holidays you want to remove. (Expand the
search if necessary to locate all instances of the holidays.)
Select individual holidays you want to remove; or click any holiday in the list to
activate the list, and then press Ctrl+A to select all the holidays in the search results.
Press the Delete key.
TIP If you inadvertently add two sets of holidays from one country to the calendar,
the easiest way to rectify the situation is to remove all of that country’s holidays and
then add them again.
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