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Creating an appointment from a message
Some email messages that you receive might result in your wanting or needing to
schedule an appointment on your calendar based on the information in the message.
For example, if a friend or co-worker sends you a message that contains the details
of the grand opening for a local art gallery, you can add that information to your
calendar. Outlook provides a convenient method of creating a calendar item (an
appointment, event, or meeting request) based on an email message; you simply drag
the message to the Calendar link or button on the Navigation Bar. When you release
the mouse button, an appointment window opens, already filled in with the message
subject as the appointment subject, the message text in the content pane, and any
message attachments attached to the appointment. The start and end times are set
to the next half-hour increment following the current time. You can convert the
appointment to an event or meeting in the same way that you would create an event or
meeting from within the Calendar module. You can retain any or all of the message
information as part of the calendar item so that you (or other meeting participants)
have the information on hand when you need it. After creating the calendar item, you
can delete the actual message from your Inbox.
To create an appointment from an email message:
Drag the message from the message list to the Calendar link or button on the
Navigation Bar .
After the cursor changes to display a plus sign, release the mouse button to
create an appointment based on the message. You can convert the appointment to
an event by selecting the All day event check box, or convert it to a meeting by
inviting other people to attend. You can edit the information in the content pane
without affecting the content of the original message, and you can move or delete
the original message without affecting the appointment.
In the appointment window, click the Save & Close button to save the
appointment to your calendar.
SEE ALSO For information about adding message content to your To-Do List, see
“Creating tasks” in Chapter 6, “Track tasks.”
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