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Scheduling and changing events
Events are day-long blocks of time that you schedule on your Outlook calendar, such as
birthdays, payroll days, or anything else occurring on a specific day but not at a specific
time. In all other respects, creating an event is identical to creating an appointment, in that
you can specify a location, indicate recurrence, indicate your availability, and attach
additional information to the event item.
You can create an event directly on the calendar when viewing your calendar in Month,
Week, Work Week, or Day view.
In this exercise, you’ll schedule an event and convert it to a recurring event by using the
commands in the Calendar module.
SET UP You don’t need any practice files to complete this exercise. Display the
Calendar module in Calendar view. Then follow the steps.
In the Date Navigator at the top of the Folder Pane , click the first day of the next
month to display the Day view of that day.
In the calendar, point to the space below the day header and above the time slots
that contains the date. This is the event slot.
Click once to activate the event slot. Enter SBS Pay Day , and then press Enter .
On the Appointment tool tab, in the Options group, click the Recurrence button to
open the Appointment Recurrence dialog box. The default recurrence for events is
the same as for appointments—weekly on the currently selected day of the week.
Note that the Start and End times are set to 12:00 AM and the Duration to 1 day,
indicating that this is an all-day event.
In the Recurrence pattern area, click Monthly . You can schedule a monthly event
to recur on a specific date of the month or on a selected (first, second, third, fourth,
or last) day of the month. Monthly events can recur every month or less often (for
example, every third month).
TIP If you have an Exchange account and a mobile device that supports connections
to Exchange accounts (such as a Windows Phone), it’s easy to keep your calendar and
reminders at your fingertips wherever you are by configuring your mobile device to
connect to your Exchange account.
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