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the schedules of several people. Outlook displays the individual and collective schedules of
people within your own organization, and of people outside of your organization who have
published their calendars to the Internet. You can review attendees’ schedules to locate a
time when everyone is available, or have Outlook find a convenient time for you.
You can send an Outlook meeting invitation (referred to as a meeting request ) to anyone
who has an email account—even to a person who doesn’t use Outlook. You can send
a meeting request from any type of email account (such as an Exchange account or an
Internet email account).
The meeting window has two pages: the Appointment page and the Scheduling Assistant
page. The Appointment page is visible by default. You can enter all the required
information directly on the Appointment page, or use the additional features available on the
Scheduling Assistant page to find the best time for the meeting.
The Appointment page of a meeting window.
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