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A basic meeting request.
On the Meeting tab, in the Show group, click the Scheduling Assistant button.
Notice that the All Attendees list on the Scheduling Assistant page includes you
and the attendee you entered in the To box (showing the attendee’s email address
or, if the attendee has an entry in your Address Book , the associated name). The
icon next to your name, a magnifying glass in a black circle, indicates that you are
the meeting organizer. The icon next to the attendee’s name, an upward-pointing
arrow in a red circle, indicates that he or she is a required attendee.
When you are the meeting organizer, the Scheduling Assistant displays the subject of each
appointment on your schedule that is not marked as Private.
If necessary, scroll to the bottom of the Room Finder to display the Suggested times
list. The times shown are based on your schedule and the schedule information that is
available for the first attendee.
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