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In the All Attendees list, click Click here to add a name , enter the email address
of the second person with whom you arranged to practice, and then press Tab to
update the Suggested times list in the Room Finder to reflect any schedule conflicts
for the second attendee.
Click the Required Attendee icon to the left of the second attendee’s name to
expand a list of attendance options.
You can extend a courtesy invitation to optional attendees.
In the list, click Optional Attendee to indicate that you’re sending the meeting
request for his or her information, but he or she does not need to attend.
In the group schedule, experiment with changing the meeting time and duration by
dragging the start time bar and the end time bar. Then in the Suggested times list,
select a meeting time that works for all three attendees and move the start time and
end time bars to the selected time slot. You can change the Show As and Reminder
settings, create recurrences, assign color categories, and make any other changes
you want. The availability specified in the Show As list will apply to all attendees who
accept your meeting request.
After you select the meeting time you want, click the Appointment button in the
Show group. Notice that on the Appointment page, the second attendee has been
added to the To box, and the Start time and End time boxes display the meeting
time you selected.
Verify the meeting details, and then click the Send button to add the meeting to
your calendar, and send the meeting request to your co-workers or friends.
CLEAN UP Remind your attendees not to respond to the meeting request. Retain the
SBS Study Session meeting in your calendar for use in later exercises.
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