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Updating and canceling meetings
You might find it necessary to change the date, time, or location of a meeting after
you send the meeting request. As the meeting organizer, you can change any
information in a meeting request at any time, including adding or removing attendees, or
canceling the meeting.
To edit a meeting request, double-click the meeting on your calendar. If the meeting
is one of a series (a recurring meeting), Outlook prompts you to indicate whether you
want to edit the meeting series or only the selected instance of the meeting. Make the
changes you want, and then send the meeting update to the attendees. Each attendee
will receive a meeting update message.
Changes to meeting details are tracked so that attendees can quickly identify them.
To cancel a meeting, click the meeting on your calendar, or open the meeting
window, and then click the Cancel Meeting button in the Actions group on the
Meeting or Meeting Series tab.
After you edit or cancel a meeting, Outlook sends an updated meeting request to
the invited attendees to keep them informed. If the only change you make is to the
attendee list, Outlook gives you the option of sending an update only to the affected
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