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Displaying different views of a calendar
You can select a view and an arrangement for the display of your calendar. The default view
is Calendar, and the default arrangement is Day. Most exercises in this chapter have shown
the calendar in this default view and arrangement, which we refer to simply as Day view.
TIP Because Outlook coordinates your scheduled tasks with your calendar, you can display
your daily task list for each day shown when the calendar is in Day view, Work Week view,
or Week view. You can drag tasks from the daily task list to the calendar to allocate time for
completing the tasks, and you can track your progress by marking tasks as complete when
you finish them.
The Calendar module offers four distinct views of content, which are available from the
Change View list in the Current View group on the View tab. These views are:
Calendar This is the standard view in which you display your Outlook calendar. In the
Day, Work Week, or Week arrangement, Calendar view displays the subject, location,
and organizer (if space allows) of each appointment, meeting, or event, in addition to
the availability bar and any special icons, such as Private or Recurrence.
Preview In the Day, Work Week, or Week arrangement, Preview view displays more
information, including information from the notes area of the appointment window,
as space allows.
List This list view displays all appointments, meetings, and events on your calendar.
Active This list view displays only future appointments, meetings, and events.
When working in a list view, you can group calendar items by selecting a field from the
Arrangement gallery on the View tab.
IMPORTANT In this topic, we assume you are working in Calendar view, and refer to the
standard Calendar view arrangements as Day view , Work Week view , Week view , Month view ,
and Schedule view . For information about changing and resetting views, see “Displaying
different views of contact records” in Chapter 4, “Store and access contact information.”
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