Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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The programs in the Office suite are designed to work together to provide highly efficient
methods of getting things done. You can install one or more Office programs on your
computer, or work with online versions of some programs in a web browser. Some programs
have multiple versions designed for different platforms. Although the core purpose of a
program remains the same regardless of the platform on which it runs, the available
functionality and the way you interact with the program might be different.
The program we work with and depict in images throughout this topic is a desktop
installation of the Outlook 2013 client application for Windows, which we installed directly on
our computers. The standard client installation has all the available Outlook functionality.
It is available as part of the Office 2013 suite of programs, as a freestanding program, or as
part of an Office 365 subscription that allows users to install desktop programs from the
TIP Office 365 is a cloud-based solution that small, midsize, and large businesses can use to
provide products and services to their employees through a subscription licensing program.
Outlook Web App
Outlook Web App is a browser-based version of Outlook that supports much of the
desktop installation functionality. You can perform many of the same functions in
Outlook Web App that you can in a desktop installation of Outlook, from within a
web browser window. Outlook Web App is available as part of Office 365 subscriptions
and Exchange Server installations. The functionality of Outlook Web App is dependent
on the version you’re using. Recent versions of Outlook Web App have an appearance
and functionality similar to that of the Outlook 2013 client.
If Outlook Web App is available for your email account, you can access it by entering
an organization-specific URL in a web browser or by clicking the Access This Account
On The Web link on the Info page of the Backstage view of the Outlook client. The
most recent version of Outlook Web App can be run with varying levels of
functionality in the Windows Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome web browsers on
computers that run Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. The available functionality depends
on the specific combination of web browser and operating system.
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