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SEE ALSO For information about the Daily Task List, see “Displaying different views of a
calendar” in Chapter 5, “Manage scheduling.” For information about the Tasks peek, see
“Personalizing the Outlook program window” in Chapter 11, “Customize Outlook.”
In this chapter, you’ll create tasks from scratch and lag items to add them to your task list.
You’ll delegate tasks to other people and manage task assignments. You’ll also review
different ways of arranging, organizing, and locating tasks, and you’ll remove tasks from your
list by marking them as complete or by deleting them.
PRACTICE FILES The exercises in this chapter use Outlook items you created in exercises in
previous chapters. If an exercise requires an item that you don’t have, you can complete the
exercise in which you create the item before beginning the exercise, or you can substitute a
similar item of your own.
Creating tasks
If you use your Outlook task list to its fullest potential, you’ll frequently add tasks to it. You
can create one-time or recurring tasks from scratch in different ways, accept a task
assignment from someone else, or add an existing Outlook item (such as a message) to your
task list. Regardless of how or where you create a task, all tasks and lagged messages are
moderated by the Tasks module and displayed in various views, including the To-Do List
and Tasks folders in the Tasks module, the Tasks peek available in any module, and the Daily
Task List available in the Calendar module.
TIP For information about the To-Do list and Tasks folders, see “Displaying different views
of tasks” later in this chapter.
You can attach files to task items, and you can include text, tables, charts, illustrations,
hyperlinks, and other content in the task window content pane by using the same
commands you use in other Outlook item windows and in other Microsoft Office 2013
programs, such as Microsoft Word. You can also set standard Outlook item options such as
recurrence, color categories, reminders, and privacy.
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