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From any view of the task list, you can assign the task to a category, change the due date,
add a reminder, mark the task as complete, or delete the task entirely. To access these
commands, right-click the task name, category, or lag, and then click the option you want.
None of the options are required, but they can be helpful to you when sorting, filtering,
and prioritizing your tasks.
TIP The fields available in the Tasks List vary based on the list view you’re displaying. For
information about the available views, see “Displaying different views of tasks” later in this
Creating tasks from Outlook items
You frequently need to take action based on information you receive in Outlook—for
example, information in a message or in a meeting request. You might want to add
information from another Outlook item to your task list, to ensure that you complete any necessary
follow-up work.
Depending on the method you use, you can either create a new task from an existing item
or simply transfer the existing item to your task list by lagging it.
To create a new task from a message, contact record, or note:
Drag the item to the Tasks link or button on the Navigation Bar , and when a plus
sign appears next to the cursor, release the mouse button.
This method opens a task window that already has information filled in from the
original item. You can change settings, add information and attachments, assign the
task to other people, and make other changes.
To transfer an existing email message to your task list without creating an individual task:
In the Mail module, point to a message in the message list, and then click the lag
icon that appears.
This method, referred to as lagging a message for follow-up , adds the message to
your task lists by using the default due date, and adds an InfoBar to the message.
However, it does not create a separate task item, so to retain the task, you must retain
the message; you can move the message between mail folders, but deleting the
message also deletes it from the task list.
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