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TIP Flagged messages appear on your task list under the default due date header.
You can change the default due date by configuring the Quick Click lag either from
the Tasks page of the Outlook Options dialog box or from the shortcut menu that
appears when you right-click a message lag.
In the Mail module, point to a message in the message list, right-click the lag icon
that appears, and then click a specific due date: Today , Tomorrow , This Week , Next
Week , No Date , or Custom (which you can use to set specific start and end dates).
Drag the message to the Tasks peek on the To-Do Bar and drop it under the heading
for the due date you want to assign to it. (If the desired due date doesn’t already have
a heading in the task list, drop the message under another heading and then assign
the due date you want.)
This method adds the message to your task list but doesn’t create a separate task
You can lag a contact record for follow-up by clicking the contact record in the contact list
and then clicking the Follow-Up button in the Tags group on the Home tab.
If you frequently want to create message-based tasks with special settings, such as a task
with the original message attached to it, with specific follow-up settings or categories, and
with specific assignments, you can create a Quick Step to accomplish all of these steps with
one click.
SEE ALSO For information about Quick Steps, see “Managing messages by using Quick
Steps” in Chapter 7, “Organize your Inbox” and “Creating and managing Quick Steps” in
Chapter 12, “Manage email settings.”
In this exercise, you’ll pin the Tasks peek to the To-Do Bar, lag a message for follow-up, and
create tasks from the To-Do Bar and from the Tasks module.
SET UP This exercise uses the SBS Tradeshow Schedule and SBS First Draft messages
you created in Chapter 3. If you didn’t create those messages, you can do so now, or you
can substitute any messages in your Inbox. Display your Inbox, ensure that the message
list and Reading Pane are open, and then follow the steps.
On the Navigation Bar , point to Tasks , and then in the upper-right corner of the
Tasks peek, click the Dock the peek button to pin the Tasks peek (which contains
any existing tasks or lagged items) to the To-Do Bar at the right side of the program
window. Display or hide other areas of the To-Do Bar as you want.
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