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TIP In Outlook 2013, the To-Do Bar displays the Calendar, People, and Tasks areas
in whatever order you select them. To arrange them in a specific order, clear all the
check marks and then select the areas in the order you want to display them. Drag
the borders between the areas to allocate space among them and display more or
less of each area.
IMPORTANT In the remainder of this exercise, we refer to performing actions in the
Tasks peek. Although you could perform these steps from the Navigation Bar, for the
purposes of this exercise, we mean the Tasks peek that you pinned to the To-Do Bar in
step 1.
Locate the SBS Tradeshow Schedule message. In the message list, point to the
message, and then click the lag icon that appears. The lag remains visible in the message
list, follow-up information appears below the message header in the Reading Pane ,
and SBS Tradeshow Schedule appears in the Today category in the Tasks peek.
TIP If necessary, minimize the Folder Pane so that the Reading Pane contents are
Flagging a message adds information to the message header.
On the To-Do Bar , point to the SBS Tradeshow Schedule task to display a tooltip
that contains the start date, the reminder time, the due date, the folder in which
the message appears, and any categories assigned to the message.
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