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Double-click the SBS Tradeshow Schedule task to open the lagged message in
a message window. The message header indicates that you need to follow up on
this message. The start and due dates given are today’s date.
The ribbon of the lagged message includes only message commands; it does not have
additional task-related tabs or commands.
Close the message window.
In the message list, locate the SBS First Draft message. Drag the message from the
message list to the Tasks peek on the To-Do Bar , and release the mouse button when
the red horizontal insertion line indicates that the item will be inserted immediately
after the SBS Tradeshow Schedule item. Notice that the lag icon is now visible on
the SBS First Draft message in the message list.
On the To-Do Bar , in the Tasks peek, right-click (don’t click) the red lag to the right
of the SBS First Draft message to display a list of due date options. Because a task
has been activated, the Task List tool tab appears on the ribbon.
TROUBLESHOOTING Clicking an active lag marks the item as complete in the Inbox,
and removes it from the Tasks peek. For more information, see “Removing tasks and
lagged items from task lists” later in this chapter.
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