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It’s easy to change the due date of a task or the follow-up
date for a lagged message from the Tasks peek.
In the Tasks peek, click Next Week to move the message under the corresponding
due date heading in the list. In the message list and in the Tasks peek, the lag to the
right of the SBS First Draft message changes from red to light pink. In the Reading
Pane , the start and due dates change.
TIP Flagging a task for completion This Week or Next Week sets the start date to
the first working day of the specified week and the due date to the last working day
of the week. (Therefore, changing a due date from Today to This Week has no effect
if today is the last day of the work week.) The default work week is Monday through
Friday but the start and due dates reflect your own work week configuration. For
information about changing the days and times of your work week, see “Defining your
available time” in Chapter 8, “Manage your calendar.”
In the Tasks peek, click Type a new task , enter SBS Order Brochures , and then
press Enter to add the task to the Today section of the task list.
TIP The tasks you create while working through the exercises in this topic begin with
SBS so that you can differentiate them from any real tasks you create.
On the Navigation Bar , click the Tasks button to open the Tasks module, displaying
the To-Do List folder. (If the Folder Pane is minimized, expand it to display the
folders in the My Tasks list.)
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