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TIP My Tasks includes the To-Do List virtual folder, the default Tasks folder, and any
additional task folders you create or share.
An icon to the right of the SBS Order Brochures task indicates that it is a standard
task item. Other icons might indicate whether a lagged message is read or unread
and whether you’ve replied to or forwarded the message.
In the task list, click SBS Tradeshow Schedule to display the lagged message
contents and the response options in the Reading Pane . Notice that all the commands
on the Home tab of the Tasks module are available for the selected item.
In the task list, click SBS Order Brochures to display the task item contents in the
Reading Pane . Notice that some commands in the Respond group become
unavailable, and you can’t edit the task settings directly in the Reading Pane .
The To-Do List folder displays a filtered task list and the Reading Pane.
At the top of the task list, click Type a new task , enter SBS Make Dinner
Reservations , and then press Enter to add the task in the Today section of
the task list.
Double-click the SBS Make Dinner Reservations task to open it in a task window.
On the Task tab, in the Tags group, click the Follow Up button, and then click
Custom .
In the Custom dialog box that opens, select Call in the Flag to list, then click the
Start date arrow and in the calendar that opens, click the next Monday to change
both the start date and the end date.
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