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Updating tasks
Tasks generally appear on the Outlook task lists by start date or due date. You can change
the details or dates of a task, or track the progress you’ve made on it.
To update the status of a task:
Open the task window.
In the % Complete list, enter or select (by clicking the arrows) the percentage of the
project you estimate as complete to change the status to reflect your selection. Tasks
that are 0% complete are Not Started , tasks that are 1% to 99% complete are In
Progress , and tasks that are 100% complete are Completed .
If you want to manually change the task status—for example, to Deferred or Waiting
on someone else —click that option in the Status list.
Save and close the task to update the task both in your own task list and in the task
originator’s task list.
You can’t track the status of a lagged message.
In this exercise, you’ll update the status and due date of a task on your task list.
SET UP You need the SBS Make Dinner Reservations task you created earlier in this
chapter to complete this exercise. If you didn’t create that task, you can do so now, or
you can substitute any task in your default task list. Display the To-Do List folder in the
Tasks module, and then follow the steps.
In the task list, double-click the SBS Make Dinner Reservations task. For the
purposes of this exercise, assume that you are waiting for the banquet manager
to confirm whether a private dining room is available. You want to update the
task to reflect your progress, change the task due date, and also remind yourself
to call again if you don’t hear from her by the end of the day.
Note the original start and due dates, which you set to the next Monday. Click the
Start date arrow, and then below the calendar, click Today . Notice that the due date
also changes to today.
Click the Due date arrow, and then on the calendar, click tomorrow’s date.
Click the Status arrow, and then in the list, click Waiting on someone else .
In the % Complete box, enter or select (by clicking the arrows) 25%.
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