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Removing tasks and lagged items from
task lists
When you complete a task or follow up on a lagged item, you have three options for
managing its presence on your task list: marking the task or lagged item as complete, removing
the lag from a lagged item, or deleting the task or lagged item entirely.
Marking a task or lagged item as complete retains a record of the item on your task list.
Completed tasks are visible only in certain task list views.
To mark a task as complete:
In the Tasks module, click the task to make it active, and then on the Home tab,
in the Manage Task group, click the Mark Complete button.
In views that include a check box preceding the task subject (most list views), select
the check box to delete the task.
In views that include a colored lag, click the lag once.
In any view, right-click the task, and then click Mark Complete .
In the task window, change the Status to Completed or the % Complete setting
to 100% .
Whichever method you use, when you display an uniltered view of your task list, the
completed task is crossed through, the Complete check box is selected, and the lag changes to
a check mark. In the task window for the completed task, Status is set to Completed and %
Complete is set to 100%. (In other words, doing any one thing accomplishes all the others.)
Completed tasks are hidden in many views, but you can display them if you want to.
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