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To delegate a task to another Outlook user:
Open the task in the task window. On the Task tab, in the Manage Task group, click
the Assign Task button.
In the To box that appears in the task header, enter the name or email address of the
person you want to assign the task to.
Review the task subject, dates, status, priority, and completion settings and ensure
that they are as you want them—after you assign the task, you will no longer be able
to change the task details.
If you do not want to keep a copy of the assigned task on your task list or receive a
status report when the task is complete, clear the corresponding check box.
In the task header, click the Send button. If a message box notifies you that the task
reminder has been turned off, click OK to send the task request and notify you when
the assignee accepts or declines the task.
You can view the status of tasks you have assigned to other people by displaying your task
list in Assignment view.
SEE ALSO For information about task list views, see “Displaying different views of tasks”
later in this chapter.
The assignee receives a task request that he or she can accept or decline. Either action
generates a response message to you. As with meeting requests, the task request recipient has
the option of sending a message with the response.
Be sure to provide sufficient information for the assignee to complete the task successfully.
TIP Only Exchange users have the Accept and Decline options in the task request message;
Internet email account users do not.
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