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If you assign a task and the assignee declines the assignment, the task doesn’t automatically
return to your task list; you need to either reclaim the task (return it to your own task list)
or reassign it.
To reclaim or reassign a declined task:
Open the declined task assignment (indicated in your Inbox by a task icon with
a red X).
The Manage Task group on the Task tab of the ribbon includes commands specific
to managing the declined task.
When an assignee declines a task, you can reclaim or reassign it.
In the Manage Task group, click the Return to Task List button to reclaim the task,
or the Assign Task button to reassign it.
Tasks other people assign to you
When another person assigns a task to you, you receive a task request.
To accept, decline, respond to, or reassign a task request:
Accept or decline the task from the Reading Pane , or open the task request to see
additional options for managing the task request on the Task tab of the task window
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