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KEYBOARD SHORTCUT Press Alt+C to accept a task request; press Alt+D to decline a
task request.
You can respond in several ways to a task assignment.
Take one of the following actions:
In the Respond group, click the Accept button to accept the task or the Decline
button to decline the task, and send the associated response to the task owner.
In the Respond group, click Reply to send a message to the task owner without
accepting or declining the task, or the Forward button to forward the task
content to another person without reassigning the task.
In the Manage Task group, click the Assign Task button, and follow the process
described earlier in this topic to assign the task to another person.
You can update the details of a task assigned to you by someone else in the same way that
you do tasks that you create.
To send a status report about a task assigned to you by someone else:
Open the task window.
On the Task tab, in the Manage Task group, click the Send Status Report button to
generate an email message that has the task information in the Subject field and
message body.
Address the message to the people you want to send the report to, and then send
the message.
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